Journeys in colour and paint

Journeys in colour and paint exhibition

3 – 30 August


I am a local artist living in Nenthead where the village and surroundings have given me many subjects to paint throughout the years I have lived here.

The collection of oil paintings I am exhibiting here include some of the locality in all its variations of weather.

I have also chosen a selection of recent paintings from visits around the British Isles in our campervan.

Geoff Raffle


As an artist I practise an ecopoiesis in which I ‘make my limitations available as a contact site for the other’ (to quote Jonathan Skinner in his essay on Somatics in Jacket 2) by confronting the limitations and allowing form to emerge.

The limitations include those anyone experiences living in a remote place, on the edge of the wilderness.

But they also include imposed limitations inherent in an artistic medium. A photograph, for example, cannot happen without an aperture in the camera. It is required to be both open for a measured instant, and more or less tiny.

As a maker, an artist, I look for the many different forms of ‘pinholes’ that we invent and make use of.

Then I choose, by whatever means and criteria, a method, which may be as prescriptive as an algorithm, or as intuitive as improvisation.

Josephine Dickinson


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